Buyer Lead Generation/Multi-channel Online Ads

Multi-Channel Promotion Campaigns

GeoFarm has served thousands of agents by promoting their brand and generating leads via online marketing channels like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Years of data accumulation continue to benefit our clients with low cost, high quality leads, making GeoFarm an expert in online marketing.

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Buyer Lead Generation/High-tech Advertising System

Metadata-driven Advertising Strategies

GeoFarm's custom-built ads system stores Facebook campaign creatives, Google niche keywords, CPC, CTR, as well as historical bidding data. With the help of Google and Facebook machine learning technology, GeoFarm can process this data thoroughly and ensure our clients have the top campaign creatives, the right audience, and cost-effective bidding results.

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Lead Generaion/Professional Ads Management Team

Top-Tier Service

The GeoFarm Ads Management Team has 10+ years of experience gathering data and running ads. Our team is dedicated to optimizing ads and exploring new advertising strategies which we estimate will save each client 60 hours per month.

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AI-Powered ISA Assistant

GeoFarm's AI-powered ISA Assistant will automatically work to double your lead response rate and help you focus on the most valuable and prepared leads first. The AI Assistant will prequalify your new leads and website visitors and classify them base on how interested they are in moving forward. GeoFarm offers the AI Assistant for free to clients who purchase our Lead Generation Services.

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