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We provide a comprehensive marketing solution to help you generate leads, get listings, and grow your business

Tech Suite Plan

From $269 / mo
    Offers Basic Features:
    *IDX home search website, landing pages for branding & lead capture
    *Lead nurture with dynamic property alert, behavioral and auto texts, emails.
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Leads +
Lead Growth Plan

Lead Growth Plan

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    In addition to all the basic features,
    dominate your market with digital marketing, direct mail marketing, and auto-lead engagement with an AI Assistant.
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Basic Feature List
Lead Capture
Tracking & Insights
Qualification & Nurturing Tools
Communication Toolkit
Digital Ads
A multichannel online advertising service that identifies and attracts potential leads with proven success.
IDX Website
Capture new leads with our gorgeous IDX website templates while generating actionable insights based on site activity.
Landing Page Builder
Build customizable landing pages to capture leads in all marketing channels. Use performance data to optimize marketing effectiveness.
Open House Form
Capture buyer lead information during open house tours by using customizable questionnaire form.
Text Code Capture Tool
Capture leads using text codes for each of your listings. This can be added to your signs, direct mailers, and more.
Third-party Leads Auto-import
Bring all your leads into one convenient place for easy and efficient management.
Lead Activities
Build your business and make informed decisions using our IDX websites to track website traffic, record site activities, and update an overview activity timeline.
Lead Score
Shape your priorities with our dynamic lead scores that adjust based on lead behavior. We factor in contact validity, online activities, property info, and more to give actionable insights.
Lead Analysis
Focus your efforts the smart way. Geographic Farming's behavioral lead analysis studies site activity and engagement indicators to provide feedback as to a lead's likelihood to close.
Auto Adjusted Lead Search Criteria
Your leads' saved search criteria will be adjusted automatically according to their website activities. This is all based on our dynamic AI algorithm.
Geographic Farming highlights High Interest, Back to Site and Sell opportunities and notifies you right away. You won’t miss any opportunities with Chime!
Listing Recommendations
We help you match listings to buyers who are the best fit. Easily view new, reduced price, and back on market listings directly in the CRM.
Qualification Questionnaire
Qualify your leads with our standard qualification questionnaire after they register on your website.
Welcome Email/Text
Send welcome emails and texts to your leads automatically after they register on your website. The quicker the response to inbound leads the better.
Smart Plans
Develop and deploy automatic drip campaigns and workflows with our automated Smart Plans. Set dynamic workflows that trigger and adjust based on lead type, source, pipeline, and lead activity.
Property Alerts
Send new properties to buyer leads that match their browsing preferences or as directly requested to you as their agent. Send recently sold listings to seller leads in order to encourage them to take the next step in the process.
Market Reports
Show off your expertise with area-specific data via our monthly market reports. Establish yourself as a local expert so that leads turn to you for more information.
Listing to Lead Matching
Match your own listings with the most active leads in your database. Use this feature to easily promote your listings to those that might be interested.
Email Integration
Integrate your Gmail, Exchange, GoDaddy Webmail, or Yahoo! email account with Geographic Farming. Send emails directly from GeoFarming using your own email address while keeping all client communication accessible in one database.
Mass Text
Use mass texts to touch base with your leads with a few simple clicks. Individual text messages can be sent as well.
Mass Email
Send hundreds of emails with a few quick clicks. Promoting your listings or communicating with your leads has never been so easy!
Whether you use the Geographic Farming Web App or Mobile App, connect with your leads via phone call anytime with just a simple click.
Smart Call Lists
Speed up your call sessions with Smart Call Lists. Easily call all leads by tags, groups, or even those with an incomplete call task. Pause and resume your call lists as desired.
Drop Voicemails
Easily and efficiently leave pre-recorded voice messages with just one click while making outbound calls.

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